We are speciaslists for aplication of cooling systems and heat exchangers. These are our principles:

  • equipments are designed bespoke requests of the customer
  • economy of running is respected
  • good quality components and materials are used for production
  • newest technologies and principles are introduced when designing cooling and controlling systems
  • service requests are minimized
  • service charge is minimized
  • we do not know term „It cannot be solved“

We are active in the following branches:

For realization of your plans we can offer you the following services

  • desingning work and technical consultations
  • complete delivery of cooling systems
  • delivery of  cool and deep freeze chambers and boxes for food-processing plants
  • use of waste heat
  • air-conditioning of workshops according to valid hygienic requests and regulations
  • special cooling equipment
  • by air or water cooled coolers of water or non-freezing liquids used in food-processing, chemical and machinery production – solved according to requsts of the user
  • application of  plate heat exchangers for cooling and heating of liquids and gases
  • deliveries for controlled fermetation of wine – stainless cooling plates, stainles ribet heat pipes, cooling units etc.
  • regulation systems  for controlled fermetation of wine – drive units with valves and evaluating units
  • modernizing of existing cooling equipments, reduction of volume of coolants, optimalization or service, decrease of energetic requests, decrease of noise
  • replacement of air propellers (e.g. for products of later CKD Chocen) and spare parts for original propellers
  • replacement of ammonia equipments with units with alternate coolants and automatic running
  • deliveries of individual components for cooling equipments
  • conversion of freon cooling equipments for ecological coolants
  • flake ice production units with capacity from 200 kg to 10.000 kg per 24 hours
  • complete blocks with plate evaporator for cooling water and low freeze liquids (ethylenglycol, propylenglycol, ethanol, freezium, dowcal etc)
  • delivery of heat exchangers (plate, boiler, lamellas types)
  • automation of existing eqipments including visualization and storing of data
  • accumulation of  cold for plants with irregular need of cooling
  • recuperation units
  • compressed air units and compressors
  • air cleaners for hotels and restaurants
  • solar systems and fotovoltaic panels
  • heating systems (design, boilers, radiatotors, floor and wall heating, pumps, valves etc.)
  • delivery of wood pellets and other fyto-fuellings and components for unmanned running of boilers
  • checking of tightness of equipments acording to regulation No.257 / 2012 Sb. On pevention of  emissions of compponds that derogate ozone layer and of fluorinated greenhouse gasses
  • delivery of spare parts
  • service at sale and  buing of used equipments

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