Cooling of liquids

There exist many ways how to obtain cool liquid (water or other heat carrier) but mechanical one is the most generally used. It finds use in many industrial branches as in food processing industry, manufacture  of plastic products, with welding and cutting machines etc.

Effective and reliable equipment enable to rise productivity and lower production costs.

Because of continuous rise of price of water, these systems more and more often work as   closed ones.  The technology consists of two circles – circle of technological water (heat carrier) and of cooling system of coolant.  These two systems exchange heat in evaporator where coolant by its evaporation remove heat from circulating carrier. Only ecologically acceptable coolants are used in cooling systems.  The line of circulating carrier consists of evaporator, circulation pump, storage tank and  (usually copper) connecting pipes.

The basic parameters which it is necessary to define when designing the system and choosing suitable cooling unit are: requested cooling output and  temperature to be reached and identity of cooling liquid.

For choice of a suitable circulating pump it is necessary to know head loss of technological cooling circle at nominal flow rate.

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