Equipment for bakeries

1) Units for dough cooling

Modern kneaders are furnished with system for heat removal. For this purpose water from water supply can be used, which is expensive, or the heat is removed in a closed system provided with a cooling unit. Heat removal enable keeping requested temperature of dough in the kneader which has possitive effect on quality of bread.
Units for this purpose can be delivered as compact or sectional with output as requested

2) Units for cooling of water added to dough

For proper proofing of dough it is necessary to add during proofing water of exactly  
defined temperature. For this purpose through-flow cooling units and continuous    
water mixers are used.

Unit for through-flow water cooling (Picture  1) consists of a compressor, spiral
stainless evaporator, stainless water reservoir, spiral stainless heat exchanger, swirl
pump and air cooled condenser with electric fans. Drinking water is in contact only
with inner side of secondary stainless bellows. Sensors placed in the reservoir indicate
temperature for its keepning at requested value.

Continuous  water mixers (Picture 2) are used for supply of water in requested
amount and at requested temperature for continuous bakery lines.
In the upper part there is a central switch and control buttons with LED display units
with signal light. In the lower part there is a mixer, temperature sensors, flowmeter
and electromagnetic valve. Output of mixed water is regulated by a valve with electric

Further we offer for bakeries freezing boxes for oven-ready products. Capacity may be different as requested, e.g. 200 kg or 400 kg of products with freezing time 90 to 120 minutes.  Stainless plates or pallettes are used for handling the products.

Picture 1.Unit for continuous cooling of water

Picture 2. Continuous water mixer

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