Cooling system for cold stores

Cooling and deepfreeze boxes serve for storing foodstuffs or materials that need controlled temperature of storage. From PUR panels it is possible to build boxes of requested size in a very short time. The coating of the panels is in basic version from white painted zink-coated steel plates. When requested, it is possible to deliver constructions with stainless steel, white painted alluminium plates or combination of these materials. It is possible for the customer to define floor as to its appearance and maximum load, thickness of isolation of the walls and to define number and position of the doors.  Boxes of atypical dimensions can be delivered too.

The boxes are constructed  for inner temperature from +10 °C  to – 32 °C.

Well-tried components are used for the cooling systems of the boxes  It can differ mainly by type of evaporator and compressor.

It is possible to equip the boxes with system of racks, fixed or manipulated. The racks are produced from hygienicly acceptable materials which are suitable for storing foodstuffs, vegetables and fruit. Material can be chosen for storing  e.g. chemical  compounds too.


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