Heat pumps

Dificulties with using low potential energy from renewable resources e.g air, water, soil or waste heat from technological processes can be solved with heat pumps which transport this low potential  energy  to higher acceptable level.

Efficiency of heat pumps is evaluated according coefficient of performance which is ratio between received energy to energy delivered. The higher the factor, the more profitable use of a heat pump is.  For example, with coefficient of performance 3 for each 1kWh of  energy 3 kWh usable energy is obtained.  Value of coefficient of performance depends on temperature of low potential side. The higher temperature, the higher  coefficient.

These are possibilities of using heat pumps:

  • source of heat for floor or wall heating of rooms and preheating of hot water
  • bivalent source of heat to an existing source
  • heating of swimming pools
  • seasonal subsidiary source in combination with e.g. gas boiler

When choosing a suitable heat pump it is necessary to respect following realities:

  • expected source of low temperature heat
  • existence of various types of heat pumps as air - air, water – water, soil – water
  • standardly produced heat pumps worm water up to temperature of 60 °C
  • it is not possible to neglect legal requests and regulations for using sources of low temperature heat

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